Agile Mindset & Principles

  • Understand how Agile works
  • Recap of the Agile mindset
  • Agile Business Analysis and Creating Value
  • Roles of Agile Business Analysts
  • Differences between Product Owners and Business Analysts and other team members

Agile Manifesto & Methodologies

  • Agile Manifesto in Detail
  • Agile Methodologies (Scrum, XP, Kanban, SAFe, Lean etc.)
  • Comparison of Agile and Traditional Models (Agile vs Sequential Models)
  • Scrum Framework (Artifacts, Roles and Rituals)
  • Kanban Framework (Artifacts, Roles and Rituals)
  • SAFe Framework (Artifacts, Roles and Rituals)
  • Lean Framework (Artifacts, Roles and Rituals)

Agile Practices, Rituals & Activities

  • Project Management in Agile
  • Agile Rituals
    • Daily Standup
    • Backlog Refinement
    • Retrospective
    • Refactoring
  • Theme, Epic, Feature, User Story, Task
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Completion Criteria
  • Definition of Done
  • Estimation in Agile
  • Prioritization in Agile
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • KPIs, Metrics and Monitoring

Intended Audience

  • Business Professionals
  • HR, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Legal, Project Management
  • Technology Professionals
  • Developers, Designers, Analysts, Testers

Course Duration: 2 day

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