Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • What are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?
  • Basics of probabilistic reasoning, robotics, computer vision, and natural language processing
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in different sectors (energy, health, e-commerce, hi-tech, defense, banking, insurance, etc.)
  • Testing of artificial intelligence and its use in automation/productivity areas

Internet of Things

  • What is the Internet of Things?
  • How is the Historical development of the Internet and Smart Devices?
  • IoT Devices and their Operating Principles
  • Return on Investment on IOT
  • Smart Home Products, Health Sector Products, Wearable Technologies, Smart City Solutions, Smart Automotive Solutions, Energy Industry Solutions, Retail, and E-Commerce Solutions

Augmented, Artificial, Mixed Reality (AR / VR / MR), Metaverse, and NFT

  • How is the value produced in AR/VR, how is material gain achieved? Successful examples from the sectors
  • Metaverse, NFT concepts and current platforms
  • Use of Metaverse technologies in employee and customer experience design

Big Data, Mobility, and Cloud Computing

  • What are Big Data, Mobility, and Cloud Computing? World Trends and Statistical Information
  • Mobile Devices and their Historical Development
  • Mobile Applications, User Dynamics, Examples of Good and Bad User Experiences
  • Cloud Technologies and their Benefits
  • Applications of Cloud Technologies in Different Sectors
  • Cloud Technologies vulnerabilities and developments

Intended Audience

• Software Testers
• Test Automation Experts
• Test Managers
• Business Analysts
• Software Developers
• Project Managers
• Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches

Course Duration: 2 days

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