TesterYou | Go Makes Your Life Easier

TesterYou | Go is a handy mobile test app, that can be used by testers in order to organize and execute their checklist-based testing activities. TesterYou | Go helps its users to use a high-level list of items/test cases to be noted, checked, or remembered, or a set of rules or criteria against which a product has to be verified.

Simple & Easy

Create, organize and execute your tests. Manage your exploratory and checklist-based tests with ease.

Checklist Based Testing

TesterYou | Go is an experience-based software testing app which works on a pre-planned “to-do” list of tasks composed by a tester having past technical experience. This list (test suites and test cases) acts as an authentic guide to direct the testing process.

Create a Test Checklist

Are you going to start a new project for testing? You can even create a test checklist on TesterYou | Go in each and every step of your Software Development Life Cycle. The list could be mostly equivalent to a Test Plan and it will cover all Software Testing and Quality Assurance Activities.


Create a test suite, create a test case, bookmark a test case, cloud backup, mark a test case (pass/fail).

Some popular checklist-based tests verify the following

Broken links, oversized images, date/time controls, warning/error messages, launch time, splash screens, landing pages, screen orientation, data input/output, business rules, data handling, authentication/authorization, and many more…