Testing Process

  • Test Planning, Monitoring and Control
  • Test Analysis and Design
  • Test Implementation and Execution
  • Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting
  • Test Closure Activites

Test Management

  • Risk-Based Testing
  • Test Documentation
  • Test Estimation and Test Metrics
  • Business Value of Testing
  • Distributed, Outsourced and Insourced Testing
  • Managing the Application of Industry Standards


  • Managing Reviews and Audits
  • Managing Reviews
  • Metrics for Reviews
  • Managing Formal Reviews

Defect Management

  • Defect Lifecycle
  • Defect Report Information
  • Assessing Process Capability with Defect Report Info

Improving the Testing Process

  • Test Improvement Process
  • Improving the testing process with CMMI, TPI,CTP,STEP

Test Tool and Automation              

  • Tool Selection
  • Tool Lifecycle
  • Tool Metrics

People Skills

  • Individual Skills
  • Fitting Testing Within an Organization
  • Communication
  • Test Team Dynamics
  • Motivation

Intended Audience

  • Software Testers
  • Test Automation Experts
  • Test Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches

Course Duration: 2 days

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ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Manager


    The ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Manager (CTAL-TM) certification offers the skills and knowledge needed to assume management of all testing activities across the software development lifecycle. It covers everything, including how to create an appropriate test method for the project based on the organizational test strategy and how to assemble a test team or develop testing skills to carry out the required testing.

    About the Course 

    The Advanced Level Test Manager certification is for people who want to expand their knowledge and skills in test management. At the Advanced Level, the modules cover a broad variety of test management topics. 

    Business Outcomes

    The following are the Business Outcomes that an Advanced Level Test Manager certification holder is expected to achieve:

    • Manage a research project by executing the testing organization’s mission, goals, and testing processes.
    • Organize and lead risk identification and risk analysis sessions, and use the outcomes of these sessions to estimate, plan, track, and manage test results.
    • Develop and execute evaluation programs that are in line with the organization’s policies and test strategies.
    • Continually track and manage test activities in order to meet project goals.
    • Evaluate and communicate to project stakeholders the status of appropriate and timely tests.
    • Identifying expertise and resource gaps in their test team and assisting in the acquisition of appropriate resources.
    • Identify and prepare for the development of required skills within their test team.
    • Create a business case for test activities that details the estimated costs and benefits.
    • Ensure that the test team and other project stakeholders are communicating effectively.
    • Take part in and lead efforts to strengthen the test process