Business Agility

  • Enterprise Solution Delivery Techniques
  • Apply lean system engineering to build large systems
  • Applying agile techniques in Marketing, Sales, HR, Legal, Purchasing, and Finance departments
  • Implementing continuous learning culture to the workstream
  • Build a culture where everyone learns and grows together in the organization, regardless of role
  • Promote creativity and exploration as part of the company’s DNA
  • Focusing on continuous improvement

Technical Agility

  • Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation in Agile World
  • Understanding new technologies such as AI, ML, AR/VR/MR, Metaverse, IoT, Big data, and data science
  • Agile Product Delivery in a rapidly changing world
  • Building up cross-functional, high-performing agile teams
  • Quality in technical details

Agile Transformation

  • Measuring and Assessing Agility of Organization and Teams
  • Agile Auditing and Agile Maturity
  • Scaling High-Performing Organizations
  • Roles, Recruiting, and Team Building
  • Aligning and Transforming Large and Small Teams

Intended Audience

  • Business Professionals
  • HR, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Legal, Project Management
  • Technology Professionals
  • Developers, Designers, Analysts, Testers

Course Duration: 2 days

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