• Introduction and Overview to User Interface Design
  • User Interface Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame
  • UI Design Process
  • UI Design to Address a Problem w/o Solution Ideas
  • UI Design for a Known Solution
  • UI Design to Iterate on/Improve an Existing Solution
  • Common UI Elements, Colors and Their Usage

  • Psychology and Human Factors for UI Design
  • Fitts’ Law, Gestalt Principles, Animation Heuristics
  • Short- and Long-Term Memory and User Attention
  • Perception and Visualization, Hierarchy
  • Trends for UI Design (Material Design, Flat Design, Real/Skeuomorphic Design etc.)
  • Design Principles (Visibility, Feedback, Mappings, Constraints, High-Level Models, Distributed Cognition, Activity Theory etc.)

Intended Audience

• Software Testers
• Test Automation Experts
• Test Managers
• Business Analysts
• Software Developers
• Project Managers
• Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches

Course Duration: 1 day

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