Introduction and Foundations

  • Fundamental Relationships
  • Business Analysis and Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Criteria, Acceptance Test and Experience

  • Writing Acceptance Criteria
  • Designing Acceptance Test
  • Experience-based Approaches

Business Process and Business Rules Modeling

  • Modeling Business Process and Rules
  • Deriving Acceptance Test
  • Business Process for Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing for Non-Functional Requirements

  • Non-functional characteristics and quality in use
  • Usability and User Experience
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Security

Collaborative Acceptance Testing

  • Collaboration
  • Activities
  • Tool Support

Intended Audience

• Software Testers
• Test Automation Experts
• Test Managers
• Business Analysts
• Software Developers
• Project Managers
• Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches

Course Duration: 2 days

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ISTQB® Acceptance Testing

    About the Course

    This acceptance testing certification is for someone who performs software acceptance testing. Product owners, market analysts, testers, research analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers, and software developers are among those who fall into this category.
    The syllabus focuses on the principles, processes, and procedures of collaboration in acceptance testing between product owners/business analysts and testers.

    Business Outcomes

    The following are the Business Outcomes that an Acceptance Test certification holder is expected to achieve:

    For business analysts and product owners:

    • Participate in the acceptance test design process and promote the alignment of the product with the company criteria to contribute to an organization’s acceptance testing activities.
    • Assist in the quality assurance of the acceptance testing process, which includes the validation and inspection of the manufactured artifacts.

    For testers:

    • Assist with the specification of acceptance conditions during the requirements process.
    • During all acceptance testing operations, work effectively with business analysts and other stakeholders.
    • Know the company’s goals, collaborate with other departments, and set standard acceptance testing goals.