Selim and the Seven Mystical Principles

Embark on a magical adventure with our enchanting children’s book, Selim and the Seven Mystical Principles, inspired by the Software Testing Principles. Not only will you captivate young hearts, but you’ll also be making a meaningful impact. Every purchase contributes to a brighter future as all proceeds are donated to ÇOKSEV (Çocuk Kanserleri Sevgi ve Dayanışma Derneği).

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“Selim and the Seven Mystical Principles” is a vivid journey into the heart of everyday challenges through the eyes of a child, inspired by the core elements of the ISTQB Software Testing Principles. This fascinating story is much more than just a simple story. It’s an exploration of how technological methodologies and principles often considered complex can be seamlessly integrated into a child’s world, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary lessons.

Prepared with the belief that childhood is a golden opportunity for learning and development, this book underlines the idea that when children are introduced to technology and its basic principles from a young age, they are not only more understanding, but also how adept they are at mastering these subjects.

In Selim’s magical adventures, young readers will discover that the principles that guide the complex world of software testing are not limited to computers and codes alone, but are also universal ways to solve the puzzles they encounter in daily life. They will see Selim’s journey from the playground to his classroom as a testament to the adaptability and validity of technological wisdom in even the most unexpected places.

“Selim and the Seven Mystical Principles” aims to inspire young generations to embrace technology not as a distant tool in their daily adventures, but as a close ally.
Through this heartwarming story, he invites young readers and their guardians to look beyond the surface of technology and see it as a playground of endless possibilities. By teaching children the idea that technological principles can be applied to their lives, it nurtures a future where they will emerge as competent, innovative, and powerful creators ready to navigate the complexities of the world with confidence and ease.

“Selim and the Seven Mystical Principles” is not just a book; It is the gateway to a world where the magic of technology illuminates every step, every decision and every dream. Join Selim on his journey and discover how the deepest lessons can be learned from the whims of childhood. Prepare our young heroes for a future where they will not only be compatible with technology, but will also lead its evolution.

Barış Sarıalioğlu

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