Sırma's Friendship Manifesto

Embark on a magical adventure with our enchanting children’s book, Sırma’s Friendship Manifesto, inspired by the Agile Manifesto. Not only will you captivate young hearts, but you’ll also be making a meaningful impact. Every purchase contributes to a brighter future as all proceeds are donated to KAÇUV (Kanserli Çocuklara Umut Vakfı).

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Developments in science and technology are fed by human nature, needs, and habits. This makes it possible to adapt many scientific ideas and inventions to any stage of human life.

The short story in this book was inspired by the Agile Manifesto, published in 2001 by 17 software experts in the US state of Utah. Agile Manifesto (Agile Manifesto) is a statement consisting of 4 fundamental values and 12 principles that enable the application of agility approaches in software development processes and, thus, the development of software of higher quality and more satisfying users. Despite the years that have passed, Agile Manifesto has become an essential building block in the IT sector, a movement, and a philosophy that inspires more effective communication and quality outputs in all fields, regardless of the industry.

Through this philosophy I adapted for children in the book, my greatest hope is to “reach new generations who will transform the world into a much more beautiful and peaceful place to live in” by growing together with science and technology.

Barış Sarıalioğlu – 04/04/2023

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