Jazz Do IT 2018

Jazz Do IT is a conference for those who would like to spend their holidays with benefit. The sun, the sea, music and the best speakers from around the world. We will talk about web and mobile development, neural networks, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence.

We hold a technology conference supported by the music festival of European level Jazz Koktebel . What happens if afterparty starts from the first day of the conference and ends on the last one?

Jazz Do IT lasts 4 days. During this period, we will try to disclose the maximum number of trend topics and technologies with the help of leading speakers.

New contacts and relations the conference will certainly ensure will undoubtedly lead to the increased value of the event for all its participants. One shouldn’t also drop out the knowledge and experience that can be gained at Jazz Do IT Conference – when else there will be a chance to shoot questions at the super-professionals and get high-quality answers back. As a final result, all participants will get 4 jazz-paced days of intense networking!